We have all done it-that New Years Resolution.  This year I will eat better or work out more or sleep more (or less…) or drink less…  More often than not, that excitement to make a change and start something new often fizzles out.

Why?  Well, in the next series of blogs from Fit Fast Focused, we will be discussing goal setting and how it can set you up for success in 2018.

Setting goals for yourself has many benefits.

Goals enhance focus and concentration

If you have a clear goal set for yourself, your efforts can be better directed at achieving that goal.

Goals boost self-confidence

It is great working towards something instead of just….working or going with the flow.  When you make a plan and work towards achieving it, you will feel more confident in yourself and your efforts.

Goals help prevent or manage stress

Uncertainty causes stress.  Using goals effectively helps to take away certainty and manage the stress associated with hitting your target.

Goals help create a positive mental attitude

How do you feel if you wake up in the morning and don´t have anything planned?  Are you as likely to get up and get started early and with that spark…or maybe you stay in bed a bit longer?  What about when you have the day planned out?  What about when you have a goal to hit?  It makes things a bit easier, you feel better about it!

Goals increase intrinsic motivation to excel

Intrinsic motivation comes from within.  If you really love what you are doing and feel passionate about it, then your likelihood of success increases.

Goals improve the quality of practices by making training more challenging

This benefit is all about deliberate practice.  It isn´t just about going to the gym and going through the motions…anyone can do that, but you aren´t likely to progress.  Use those goals to guide your training and evaluate after each session how successful you were.

Goals enhance playing skill, technique and strategies

Let´s say that you want to improve your Clean and Jerk by 5%.  It isn´t a matter of just doing more clean and jerks.  If your technique is off or you don´t spend enough time on accessory work or you don´t give yourself enough rest, then its likely you won´t hit that goal (Note: This is with the assumption that the athlete is not a beginner.  Beginners have a sharp curve for improvement simply because they are starting at zero.  More experienced athletes have a slower progression rate because the improvements needed become more technical).  Part of improving that Clean and Jerk in your goal setting should involve the technique work.

Goals improve overall performance

Evidence shows that goal setting is the most effective enhancement strategy that we have in sports.  Goal setting works and works well, the key is to know how to set effective goals.

Up next, Process vs. Performance vs. Outcome goals and why that is important to understand when setting goals!

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